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Good Enough To Eat

November 27, 2011
Good Enough To Eat
Yes Ma'am! Good Enough To Eat on the Upper West Side has enough fresh sweets to make you salivate into overtime. My last count was 6 pies, 5 cakes and fruit squares galore. Inside their treasure chest of desserts on display lives an apple pie. This is not an ordinary apple pie, yet a Sour Cream and Walnut Apple Pie. A Sour Cream and Walnut Apple Pie that puts other kinds in this city to shame. My slice was loaded with apples and walnuts and topped with the mother of all crumbles. When was the last time your crumble was the size of a medium gum ball? When?? They did not skimp on the crumble and as a matter of fact they did not skimp on anything here. It is a hefty slice of pie with a rather hefty, but worth it price. $8 a slice for a pie screaming to be shared. $8 well spent ladies and gents. Well spent!



May 10, 2011
You must be living under a rock if you haven't been to Bomboloni. The best kept secret on the UWS is out!  Bomboloni is doughnuts done Italian style. In this case Italians do it better, lip smacking finger licking good better. When I was there I witnessed someone order a salad, a SALAD!! There are over 15 kinds of medium sized doughnuts to choose from and each is stuffed with something special... very special.  A soft yeast doughnut filled with Apple, or Amaretto or Hazelnut or..... so many c...
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Josie's Restaurant

March 26, 2011
Josie's Restaurant is a place that serves healthy food, food that is actually good; like an Apple Pie. When it arrives at your table all warm and tasty, it appears more like an Apple Crisp. A very good apple crisp! The "crust" is made from organic spelt, oat, barley and brown rice flours. The special topping is a macadamia oat crumble. Mmmmm.  On the side, there is a generous portion of non-dairy, low-fat vanilla soy ice cream. Ah yes more please. It really tastes like a lighter version of wh...
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Patisserie Margot

March 1, 2011
Patisserie Margot is a hidden gem when it comes to finding a delicious croissant on the Upper West Side. A cozy cafe with fresh fruit tarts found in the Ansonia Building. If you pop in, you must try one of their Apricot Squares or their Raspberry Squares. They are made with just the right amount of fruit and just the right amount of sweet buttery goodness.

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Alice's Tea Cup

November 30, 2010
You have found a place where some of the most delicious cookies live in NYC and for $2 it's a bargain!  Alice's Tea Cup is known for tea time and scones, but you should not pass on their cookies. Stop in and get some to go, if you do not want to stay. Here you will find the most wonderful soft Molasses and Ginger Cookie, oh not your thing? You can find an incredible Double Chocolate Cookie or anyone of their soft homemade cookies. Alice has also prepared some tempting pies and cakes, but it's...
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October 27, 2010
Grom is a nice place to have gelato. There are many different flavors to choose from. The only fault, it seems a little pricey.
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Hummus Place

September 23, 2010
There are multiple locations around the city. Which ever location you are at you must, must, must try the Kadaif. The base of Kadaif is similar to shredded wheat, which is topped with warm honey and then a sweet ricotta cheese. How many satisfying light and sweet desserts do you know?
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Buttercup Bake Shop

September 16, 2010
Some people go for their banana pudding, while most go for their cupcakes.
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Jean Georges - Terrace

September 10, 2010
The waiter loved the fact that we ordered desserts for dinner. It was a shear joy to have three tables turn and look in envy as our dinner/desserts arrived. Oh yes my friends, the eyes were rolling in back of our heads that night. The most unique was a deconstructed carrot cake. A lovely piece of carrot cake was served without a frosting, what? The raisins were not in the cake, yet soaked in rum. Hmmm. But where was the cream cheese frosting? There was none. There was no frosting, but there w...
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Shake Shack

September 8, 2010
If you are on the UWS you must pay a visit to this institution. The original location is in Gramercy, but this location will suffice.
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