Yes Ma'am! Good Enough To Eat on the Upper West Side has enough fresh sweets to make you salivate into overtime. My last count was 6 pies, 5 cakes and fruit squares galore. Inside their treasure chest of desserts on display lives an apple pie. This is not an ordinary apple pie, yet a Sour Cream and Walnut Apple Pie. A Sour Cream and Walnut Apple Pie that puts other kinds in this city to shame. My slice was loaded with apples and walnuts and topped with the mother of all crumbles. When was the last time your crumble was the size of a medium gum ball? When?? They did not skimp on the crumble and as a matter of fact they did not skimp on anything here. It is a hefty slice of pie with a rather hefty, but worth it price. $8 a slice for a pie screaming to be shared. $8 well spent ladies and gents. Well spent!