Eat Some Sweets... desserts in upper east side

Soft Serve Fruit Co.

November 7, 2011
Soft Serve Fruit Co.
I would like to take a moment to rejoice. Rejoice to enjoying a soft serve frozen treat with fruit and no dairy. No more lactaid folks!! (well for this treat) Soft Serve Fruit Co. has four flavors, Banana, Apple, Pumpkin and Strawberry.  Each  is packed full of fruit because it actually is fruit.  The ingredients are fruit, water and sugar... oh and love.  They take the fruit, puree it and blend in the water and sugar. Once frozen it's served like soft serve ice cream. If you are watching what you eat they have nutrition facts in the store. 

Lady M Cake Boutique

July 15, 2011
It is an interesting concept and one that is well executed; a boutique that sells nothing but cake. Lady M Cake Boutique has an environment that makes you feel as though you've entered an exclusive one. A delicious confectionary environment that is. Each cake is elegantly displayed for your viewing pleasure, but no touching because there is a large glass panel separating you from the cake. It gives the cakes a museum or jewelry store feel. Behind the glass lives some tasty, fairly priced trea...
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Choux Factory

January 12, 2011
YAY! The new and improved Choux Factory on 87th St and 1st Ave is open again. HORRAY for the best cream puffs in all of Manhattan! That's right the Best Cream Puffs in all of Manhattan.

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Buttercup Bake Shop

September 16, 2010
Some people go for the banana pudding, most go for the cupcakes.
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Vegan Divas

September 12, 2010
What is the best thing about Vegan Divas? You can get them at multiple locations. If you've never had vegan desserts, you should give them a try. You may find you like them, especially if you have food allergies and are lactose intolerant. Check out their site for locations nearest to you.

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Francois Chocolate Bar

September 12, 2010
It is a little tricky to locate your first time. You must pass through Mauboussin on your way to the elevator. Everyone from the doorman to the ladies working in both places are wonderfully sweet. Upon exiting the elevator you walk into something like a boutique for chocolates and divine chocolate desserts. There are chocolates, truffles, ice cream sandwiches, macaroons and the most beautiful desserts you want to photograph before you eat.  Francois Chocolate Bar is part of the Payard family ...
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Corrado Bread and Pastry Cafe

September 11, 2010
This is a great place when you are on the go and need something quick and something sweet. Corrado's has multiple locations on the UES.
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Eli's Vinegar Factory Cafe

September 10, 2010
Sure this might be a gourmet grocery store and sure it maybe out of your way, but inside is a hidden treasure. A jam filled, power sugar dusted treasure. The treasure comes in two sizes, I recommend the small for less guilt if you are a guilt stricken person when you eat desserts. Their powdered jelly doughnuts are scrumptious. These aren't your chain store doughnuts, they're the real deal! Grab an extra one, because you will eat one as soon as you exit the store.
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Shake Shack

September 8, 2010
If you are on the UES you must pay a visit to this institution. The original location is in Gramercy, but this location will suffice.
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Bagel Works

August 23, 2010
Who would have thought a bagel shop on the UES would have some crazy good muffins? Well Bagel Works does for sure. Try the Blueberry Crumb. It's okay to eat it with a fork.
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