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Cool Haus

June 27, 2011
Cool Haus
From the Ice Cream Sandwich Heavens comes Cool Haus.  A shiny silver box on wheels has delivered the most interesting ice cream sandwiches.  Cool Haus Ice Cream Truck gives options and who doesn't love options when it comes to ice cream.  First step, choose a cookie, second step choose your ice cream and third step choose the top cookie. Yes ladies and gents you can have one cookie on the bottom and a different cookie on top.  While I haven't had everything, I can tell you the dark chocolate cookie is delish. The Green Tea Ice Cream is seriously the best Green Tea Ice Cream in the city. If you get to them early you'll get their edible sleeve.  The sandwich comes in this white paper that is not paper to toss, but paper to eat. Lately, they are at the 30th st lot at the end of the High Line.


Blackwell's Organic Ice Cream

June 8, 2011
Ice Cream is delicious, ice cream is wonderful and now you can feel better about eating organic ice cream.  What is organic you ask? Well if you really need to know you should not be eating ice cream. If you don't care, like I, then open up and say ahhh to Blackwell's Organic Ice Cream.  It is a glorious thing when you order strawberry ice cream and wait for it, wait for it, there are actual pieces of strawberries in it... seriously its a strawberry. These days ice cream seems to be about $4 ...
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Sweetery NYC aka Street Sweets

November 14, 2010
This is one truck you cannot miss, it does not blend in with any street in NYC and believe me it's a very good thing. Street Sweets has a delicious array of goodies. Do you know where you can get a brownie and be asked, "Would you like a corner, a middle or an edge piece?"  Yes, ladies and gents it is true. Its okay if your eyes light up like a child around a Christmas Tree because it's a normal reaction. What about a Whoopie Pie? Never dry and a perfect Cream Cheese filling. OR is Nutella yo...
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Wafels and Dinges

October 12, 2010
They are waffles, they are warm and you can get them with fruit or chocolate sauce. Is there anything else to say, besides Mmmmmmm?
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Van Leeuwen

September 9, 2010
Hands down, THE best ice cream truck NYC has ever seen.  If you have to visit one food truck in NYC, make sure it is Van Leeuwen.
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Cupcake Stop

September 5, 2010
The thing that sets Cupcake Stop apart from the other cupcakes in NYC is not the fact they are mobile or they are the best cupcakes. It is the fact they have these dainty, almost miniature cupcakes. One bite cupcakes actually, okay maybe two bites. If you are craving a cupcake and don't want something so large, this is the place for you.
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The Dessert Truck

September 5, 2010
One of the best things about The Dessert Truck is not the fact you get pastry chef quality desserts out of a truck or the fact it exists year round. The best part about The Dessert Truck is their hot chocolate. It is so good, so rich and thick. 
If you take it home, put it in the fridge you will have a delicious decadent chocolate mousse the next day. Two desserts in one, now who can say no to that! Log onto their site to find out where they are next.
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