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Zaro's Bread

June 28, 2011
Zaro's Bread
Don't let the name fool you. There are two things that Zaro's does well.  The first is their Babka. For those of you that aren't familiar with this, it is the cousin to the coffee cake.  The wicked cousin that is, the wicked chocolate cousin.  Seriously folks, the Babka is 2Lbs of buttery, sweet, chocolate goodness.  It is the kind that will give you a sugar rush in about 1/2 a second.  Yes, it needs to be shared. Makes a great addition to a boring morning meeting. 

The second is a chocolate fudge cake. This cake is extremely decadent and can usually be bought in the store without ordering.

Fifth Avenue Epicure

June 22, 2011
There is something about a homemade dessert that just makes you smile. At the Fifth Ave Epicure they have a few selections of homemade desserts; brought to you by a husband and wife team. The coffee cake wrapped in a discrete piece of plastic-wrap sits on the counter staring at you. It wants you to buy it because you've been good and it will pair nicely with your salad. The coffee cake is dense, it's topped with cinnamon and you can taste a hint of butter.  It is truly the kind that you shoul...
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L.A. Burdick Chocolate

March 3, 2011
L.A. Burdick is similiar to a chic clothing boutique in that each section in the store has a person to assist with your needs. If you are seeking a beverage you walk up to the counter and poof your steaming hot beverage is ready in minutes. Turn your attention to their selection of sweets and you will find help there.  Suppose you crave chocolate? Well, there's another person to personally assist you with your selection. Helpful and informative with a wide assortment of everything chocolate. ...
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Chat 'N' Chew

January 12, 2011
Chat 'N' Chew is a NYC institution and if you've been there you know it's about good food at good prices. What you may not know about Chat 'N' Chew are their delicious desserts. At Chat and Chew lives a rich, moist and delicious chocolate cake. Have you ever had a cake made with the thick, sweet, syrup which Coca-Cola is derived from? WOW! Talk about a dense rich chocolate cake! Fans of cake should not pass this one up. If you are fortunate to get the first slice from the cake, you will be gu...
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Mozzarelli's Pizza

December 13, 2010
That is not a typo, it is a pizza and sandwich shop.  What makes this a special pizza place are the Gluten Free Desserts! Celiacs take note of their desserts.
1. Tiramisu - A slice so big you can share
2. Cheesecake or Carrot Cake - :D
3. Brownie - Um, why share?
The interesting aspect of these desserts is that they each taste delicious, just like the ones that are not Gluten Free. Now, you have no excuse for not eating your dessert. Here is the BEST part; even those that can eat Gluten will neve...
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Blue Smoke BBQ

October 27, 2010
It may not technically be in this area, but it is close enough. They have pie, good pie, good Key Lime Pie, nice and expensive Key Lime Pie.  Why would anyone pay $9 for a slice of pie? Because it is one of the better Key Lime Pies in NYC. Enjoy!

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Almond Restaurant

September 26, 2010
Let's say you are with a friend and one of you wants something sweet and the other wants something salty, but you both are craving chocolate. The problem is solved with the Chocolate Pot De Creme at Almond Restaurant. Delicious rich chocolate mousse topped with whipped creme fraiche and salted almonds. This is a dessert that can hit all of your taste buds, while leaving you satisfied. It is neither too big nor too small, like the Baby Bear.... it's just right!
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Hill Country Chicken

September 18, 2010

Pie, pie, pie! Pie is no longer for the holidays. Thanks to Hill Country Chicken we can have delicious homemade pie all year long! This is not just pie, it is really, really good pie. It is the kind of pie where the crust can hold its own with the filling. Elizabeth, the pie queen has brought her knowledge from GSO to NYC. The Banana Cream Pie is better than anything you can get in the south. You can taste the banana and the fresh whipped cream. The Cheddar Apple Pie is extraordinary, crust a...

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Limelight Marketplace

September 16, 2010
You could spend an entire day in the Limelight Marketplace eating sweets. They have cupcakes, chocolate, gelato, crepes and more and more and more. When you go, you should not pass up a Whoopie Pie from Wannahavacookie.
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L'atelier du chocolat

September 8, 2010
Eric Girerd has done a wonderful job of locating L'atelier du chocolat discretely on 22nd st. Consider it no longer a secret. When you need that chocolate fix, you have found your haven!  Be adventurous and try the Curry, it has a caramel taste while his Sel en Scene, smoked sea salt has hints of bacon... but it is not.  This is the kind of chocolate you savor, let it melt in your mouth before you chew.

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