The Mast Brothers have been creating their chocolate for us to enjoy for a while and we thank them! For those of you who do not know chocolate outside Hersey's aka wax then I invite you to be edgumucated.  Their plain chocolate has about two ingredients (love aside), cacao and cane sugar. Most if not all bars are dark chocolate around 72% cacao. They call it craft chocolate and if done perfectly (like theirs) then you need not add other ingredients. There is two whole ingredients, not even the most delicious cake in world can claim that! It is quite an interesting story, they source ingredients from premiere organic establishments.  You can where it was sourced from on each bar. While they do cost more than your average chocolate bar, everything is made by hand. This also includes most of their packaging, which is designed by family and friends.  If you are so lucky you can watch then wrap each bar by hand, but hand I say. You know you are close when you begining to smell the chocolate permeating out the door. Take a big whiff!