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Oro Bakery and Bar

Posted by EatSomeSweets on Thursday, August 26, 2010,
The best part about Oro is their brownies. They are baked individually, which means you get a soft chocolate brownie on the inside with a delicious crunch on all four corners. The brownies would please a cake brownie lover and a fudgy brownie lover. Who would have thought this, but their Almond Croissants are to-dye-fah.

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Emack & Bolio's

Posted by EatSomeSweets on Thursday, August 26, 2010,
Would you like to be the envy of everyone who passes you on the street? Having all eyes on you; envious eyes on you? Stop into Emack & Bolio's and it could happen. Order a Rice Krispies Treats Cone. Oh yes, Rice Krispies Treats adorn a cone and fill it with Strawberry Ice Cream, it has real strawberries you can see and taste. ENVY!

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The Best Chocolate Cake in The World

Posted by EatSomeSweets on Wednesday, August 25, 2010,
Hmm, is it a cake or is it a torte? Who cares, it is dang good whatever you want to call it. They have a 70% Cocoa Chocolate Cake, it is not bitter... just good. It has the right amount of sweetness.
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