If you enjoy a delicious Greek pastry, you might find Artopolis to be your Narnia. It is tucked away in what some might consider a strip mall, small office park or just plain odd... doesn't matter!  Once you step inside you will be amazed at the selection of Greek specialties. Pinch me I am dreaming. They have large and inexpensive portions of Baklava, Katayif and Loukoumades to name just a few. Suppose you can't eat a large piece, surprise! At Artopolis, they make it easy for you not to say no. There are mini versions of the big pieces. Once inside this magical Greek pastry land you are waited on by very lovely and informative ladies. They know their Greek pastries. The manner in which Artopolis displays their sweets is similar to a museum, they are showcased. It is very well worth the experience.