UPDATE:  Zack Young's doughnuts are still awesome, but his frozen smore steals the show this summer!  It is part of a special tasting menu: Key Lime in A Glass, Frozen Smore and a Mini Fried Whoopie Pie. The smore has homemade mashmallow, which is toasted and served with chocolate ice cream on top of his version of a graham cracker. Only this cracker is not a cracker, yet a thin cake. He always has an interesting twist on nostalgic favorites.  If you are not a fan of shell fish, you still should stop in and try one of his tasty treats. 
ORIGINAL Post Fall 2010: Peanut Butter and Jelly is no longer just a sandwich. At Flex Mussels, Zac Young is able to transpose PB&J into a delicious before or after dinner treat. It's an adult PB&J. An incredible warm brownie (which stays warm from beginning to end) is served under a perfect portion of Peanut Butter Cheesecake and topped with Grape Gel (sauce if you will). Take a bite and let the grape cascade down the side to be enjoyed to the last bite. If there is still room, try his Doughnuts, perfectly cooked and warm. I dare you not to smile.