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O Cafe

Posted by EatSomeSweets on Friday, January 28, 2011,
Located in the northern section of Greenwich Village lives O Cafe. At O Cafe you can pair your rustic sweets with a cup of Hot Chocolate or Coffee. There are plenty of goodies to choose from with a growing selection of vegan treats. The sweets are rustic, think a more flavorful not as crunchy biscotti. Cash only.

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Varsano's Chocolates

Posted by EatSomeSweets on Monday, January 24, 2011,
Varsano's Chocolates has chocolates to satisfy the chocolate lover in all of us and your friend who likes candy. Varsano's has a nice selection of milk and dark chocolates as well as truffles. You can buy by the pound or just a piece here and there. They'll tell you they specialize in Marzipan coated chocolate and chocolate covered marshmallows. If you like your nuts covered in chocolate then you'll need to get some of their almond bark. Its big and every bite is full of chocolate covered nut...
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Posted by EatSomeSweets on Monday, January 17, 2011,
Here is a place created by a well known chef, without the $$$ prices and with multiple locations throughout the city. Thanks Mr. Colicchio for bringing us 'wichcraft with your business partners.  While we make no claims for their savory items, there is one dessert that is absolutely scrumdiddlyumptious; it's on the internets so it must be a word. 'wichcraft has a Lemon Poppyseed cookie filled with fruit preserves. The cookie sampled on two separate occasions was filled with raspberry and fort...
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