It is interesting that Pumpkin Pie has had a place on most tables during the holiday season, while Sweet Potato Pie has been the "red headed step-child" of the pie world. Allow Peels NYC to introduce your palette to something new this year. If you have never had a Sweet Potato Pie, don't you think it is about time you do. Their Sweet Potato Pie has a wonderful little spiced bite, maybe it's the Nutmeg or maybe it's the love that goes into baking one. This kind of pie is slightly more dense compared to pumpkin, with a kind of thick rich flavor. The crust is flaky, the way most pie crusts should be and topped with fresh whipped cream, it's Mmmm Mmmm YUM! Peels NYC has a wonderful selection of homemade sweets. If you don't want dinner, grab a stool at the common tables and enjoy a slice of pie.