On one of the few dead end streets in Manhattan lives a delicious little chocolate shop. It's so delicious in fact if you lived across the street you'd purchase one piece of chocolate a day. The way it's displayed almost wants you or asks you to buy a piece. People rave about the Pretzel-Covered Sea Salted Caramels and it has won awards. You might read that it's heavenly, but you must, you must, put the entire thing in your mouth. If you don't consume it in one bite, you could have caramel shoot-out all over you. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you are alone. You can simply lick it off. If you're in public you might be apprehensive to lick your hands the way a cat cleans her paws. It is just fair warning for an extraordinary piece of chocolate. At Bespoke Chocolate you are able to watch them prepare the chocolate right in front of your very eyes. AHhhhhh!