Now here is a place, a great little place that will make you feel as if you left Manhattan once you step inside.  Tipsy Parson is southern inspired without the fatback. I will let you judge if you think the $18 Cobbler/Crumble/Crisp is worth the price (it's a 3 person dessert). The dessert changes with each season.  As I write this post it is Strawberry Rhubarb season. There is plenty of fresh hearty chunks of strawberries and the same for Rhubarb. On a personal note, I prefer my Rhubard to be diced smaller.  When I was a child I ate raw Rhubard and as an elder I like it to be tender and not so crunchy. With this one flaw aside the crumble is divine. Yes the crumble on top is divine and makes up for any flaw that could lay beneath the oats, sugar and butter. Mmmm. The dessert is made fresh and takes 40 min to cook, so skip the appetizer and order the dessert at the same time as your entree.