Oh Lulu Cake Boutique. This is going to be a love hate relationship for many of you not living in Chelsea and also for those who do live in Chelsea.  First, you must know about their cakes and assorted delights. 
1. Homemade Twinkie, that's right a homemade twinkie and a red velvet one
2. A homemade snowball, hmmm hmmmm
3. Five kinds of brownies; you are killing me here
4. They have edible fondant, yes it is true people
The reason you will love LuLu is because of what they sell and if you live in Chelsea you will love them because they are conveniently located on 8th Ave. Hate? Perhaps too strong, however, you will soon learn you will be annoyed with the fact there is not one located closer to your own home. Now becoming a chain is too drastic, but perhaps you don't want to schlep to Chelsea for your fix. If you do live in Chelsea you may find you will be substituting that morning apple for a morning brownie because they do sell coffee. If LuLu had a permit to sleep there, you would.