UPDATE:  The COOKSHOP has one of the most interesting desserts around.  The menu reads Banana Pudding: Carmelized bananas, peanut butter cookies. They failed to mention it will be served in your own little mason jar. It is so cute, yes it is and it makes you want to inhale the entire thing.. or is that just me? Seriously folks, the banana pudding appears to be layered with nilla wafers inside the mason jar. It is delicious, it is firm and it is refreshing. Do not try to share this one.
Old post: Outside the Cookshop on the corner of 10th Ave and 20th St is an ice cream stand. An ice cream stand that serves a decadent Salty Carmel Sauce. Let your ice cream bathe in the sauce as you glide past the tourists on The High Line. BTW, you can get their ice cream year round.