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Four & Twenty Blackbirds

August 25, 2010
Four & Twenty Blackbirds
The goddesses at Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie House in Brooklyn should be known as the pioneers of all things pie. They are creating some of the most flavorful pies and the most flaky pie crust known to NYC. It is worth the trip to Brooklyn! Salted Carmel Apple and Farmer's Cheese Pie are tops! Try a slice of each and eat a piece of each in the same bite. YUM! They have seasonal pies, but if you can ask for a Farmer's Cheese Pie. It would make a wonderful addition to brunch with your friends or a party at home.

Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie

August 23, 2010
Do you like Key Lime Pie? Do you like Chocolate? What about eating frozen treats on a stick? Hmmmm. Take the Ikea Ferry to Redhook turn left walk to Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie and enjoy a Swingle; a chocolate covered 4" pie. YUMMY!
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